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Reallifecam s

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By dougiestyle4u, august 28, rLC uses RealLifeCam (RLC) - Real Life 24/7  for their website.

Have noticed recently that when sends an email they use Real Life Cameras email protected, so, is this just a coincidence that vhtv recently uses Real Life Cameras to advertise their site to compete with RealLifeCam in the use of cameras in the apartments/house?

Or maybe something is in the works.

Welcome to Reallifecam Fans!

We are the oldest and largest Reallifecam fan club on the net!

You may be wondering: What exactly is Reallifecam?

And how does it work?

Reallifecam is a website that  features live streaming web cameras from the apartments of seven couples living in Spain, and Russia.

The cameras stream live 24/7,are unscripted, and uncut.
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