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: The Last.

Gamereactor Sverige (SE) : The Last.

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Redactia 4 fun (RO) : The Last.

The Inquisitr (US) : The Last of Us (IE) : The Last.

The Daily Mirror (UK) : The Last.

Leviathyn (US) : The Last.

Kotaku Australia Readers' Choice (AU) : The Last.

ALT1040 (ES) : The Last.

G3AR (ZA) : The Last.

Tom's Hardware Readers' Choice (IT) : The Last.

Arcade Sushi (US) : The Last.

Tom's Guide (US) : The Last.

GamesRadar (US) : The Last.

GamesRadar Readers' Choice (US) : The Last.

TechCentral (ZA) : The Last.

Impacto (MX) : The Last.

KSalue (KW) : The Last of Us (DK) : The Last.

AskMen (AU) : The Last.

Freakin Awesome Network Readers' Choice (US) : The Last.
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