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Un block red tube

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Un block red tube
sphere like chemical cooling, food processing, fisheries, poultry-processing, meat plants etc.

TOP-Quality Ice Making Evaporator(Drum l unique Strict icesta quality control system (ERP system controlled).

L Delicate welding technics with X-ray.

L SS 304 (stainless steel) Ice making drum (generator).

L All the material meet the haccp request.

L Stainless steel cutters.

L Energy-efficient high-sufficiency for ice production -With the unique water distribution pan and air mouth, pure water evenly flows to the tube wall of the evaporator spirally, which improves the efficiency of heat transfer.

As soon as ice off, the water of low temp.

Is using for ice-making, which saving energy increasing the drum volume of production of ice -Air pressure control excludes the risk of rupture of the evaporator drum.

Bitzer Refrigeration System *Superb Stability and reliability, long use life.

Advanced workmanship and new technology makes high quality tube ice machine, you can always trust.

Rugged, heavy-duty design offers years of trouble-free operation.
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