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good-looking is a very easily surmountable obstacle, if you are willing to cultivate a personality and look that stands out.

The problem is that most guys just aren't.

They have been reading ASF for a year and all that, but I meet up with them and they still dress like insurance salesmen.

They still haven't developed a style of edgy humour that works for them, or a way of talking that is powerful.

I used to dress very generic and tried to act like the standard alpha natural type guys which meant laying back and not saying much.

So I changed up my style to be kind of fucked up but still really sharp.

And I changed up my personality.

Now I have hot girls qualifying themselves to me, wanting to hook up with me, wanting my validation, etc etc.

This would not have been possible without making myself stand out.

You guys all see the girls that aren't super hot, but are still attractive because they have a weird fetishy thing going.

The girls who are tattooed up with blue hair, or the girls who dress all cheerleaderish or whatever.

These girls normally have a very hot attitude to go along with.
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