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Xnxx bath
adventure or the heightened sense of intimacy.

Or maybe its the mystery of wading into unknown waters literally.

However, there are risks to be aware.

This includes the potential to slip, develop an infection, or possibly break a few laws (which you definitely dont want to do).

But if youre ready for the thrill and willing to educate yourself about the challenges water poses, theres no reason not to dive right.

If you have a shower thats big enough for more than one naked body, shower sex can be both fun and intimate.

The waterfall of your shower can encourage you and your partner to get close and we mean really close.

Pros, showers give you a great opportunity to test out standing positions that you might not be able to do when having sex on a bed or couch.

Shower sex is also great for solo play.

Make use of your alone time by discovering what feels good for you.

Its even safe to experiment with using the showerhead to massage external areas, such as your nipples, labia, or clitoris.

Just make sure not to spray water inside your genital cavity, as this could mess with your bodys natural pH levels.

Cons, shower sex often happens standing up, so theres a risk of slipping.

Using an anti-slip shower safety mat can give your feet extra padding and traction.
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